Welcome to SAMA Lebanon.

Student-to-Student Mentoring and Support.

Studying abroad is no longer a far-fetched dream! With the right guidance and support we can make it happen. Find free resources and mentorship from volunteer international students based at universities around the world.

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Find a Mentor

We help you find a mentor by matching your profile to that of our volunteers based on field of study, and your choice of university and/or country of interest.

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Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers who can provide mentorship to students, contribute to useful resources, and/or help with more work behind the scenes.

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Access our Resources

We give you free access to resources developed by our volunteers that can support you in various stages of your preparation to study abroad.

We are still developing our services and website. Share your feedback to help us improve.

SAMA Lebanon

Student-to-student mentorship and support.

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